Who's who

Whilst the Benefice awaits the appointment of a new Rector, we are grateful to:

Our Lay-Readers - Tony Green

                                  Dr Richard Gardner

                                  Mrs Penny Holt

Our Lay Ministry Teams

And the retired clergy who lead services from time-to-time.

All of these ensure that we maintain the close links between the Parishes which have developed over many years.

Jo Dalton-Leggett


St. Mary's, Mudford


Members of St. Mary, Mudford Parochial Church Council 2023-24

Mrs Jo Dalton-Leggett (Churchwarden)

Dr Bill Watkins (Churchwarden)

Mrs Christine Adams (Treasurer)

Mrs Carol Gordon

Mrs Judith Brown

Mrs Jean Jones

Representative to Yeovil Deanery Synod

Mrs Christine Adams


Benefice Churchwardens:

Chilton Cantelo:

P.S. (Nobby) Kerton - nobbykerton@tinyonline.co.uk

David Stinson - david.pam.stinson@btinternet.com

Marston Magna:

Messages can be left via this website


Mrs Hilary Stephens

Mr John Tricker



 If you would like to send a message to any of the above, please use the 'Contact Us' page or                                                                               the email address shown