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A Monthly Letter from Barbara

Happy New Year

It seems very strange to be writing 2020.  It sounds like some kind of cricket match!

January brings us to the end of the 12 days of Christmas with the Epiphany, the visit if the Magi to the child Jesus and the three strange gifts they brought.  I started to read an imaginative and amusing book about Joseph and the gifts, of which we know very little from the Bible.  It was written by someone who had adapted 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' for the radio.

There will be an Epiphany Carol Service at Mudford Church at 11am on the 5th January when the parts of the wise men from 'The Night of Miracles' will be sung again as well as the appropriate carols.  These too will feature in the services at Marston and Rimpton. 

'The Night of Miracles' about the Christmas story, sung by the Benefice Choir back in November, was a great success and raised £350 for 'bibic', our benefice project.  This will come to an end at the end of the month with Candlemas, the service which remembers Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus visiting the temple in Jerusalem.  The old prophet, Simeon, on seeing the child, described him in the memorable words "a light that will bring revelation to the Gentiles and the glory to your people Israel".  Candles naturally feature in the service.

One can only hope that that light will shine on 2020 and it will be a happier time for both people and the natural world.

An Archdeanery Day will be held at Holy Trinity Church in Yeovil on 25th January, 9.30 - 12.30.  We are in the Wells Archdeanery.  Our Diocese is led by the Diocesan Bishop Peter and our Suffragan Bishop Ruth, both of whom you hear from in the Marston and Rimpton Newsletter.  The Diocese is divided into three archdeaneries each led by an archdeacon.  Our Archdeacon is Archdeacon Ann.

Archdeanery days were held in the Diocese last year with lots of people going to hear about the plans and hopes for the Church in the Diocese.  No one from our Benefice went, and I hear the days were very informative and successful.  This year we have no excuse as no long journey is involved.  Let me know if you would like to go.

Reverend Barbara

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