Rector's Reflections


                                          May 2024

This month’s message comes from Richard Gardner, Lay-Reader

Dear Friends,


Last month the RNLI recorded its 200th anniversary. There was a special service of celebration and thanksgiving in Sherborne Abbey, in which we were reminded of the service and dedication of so many. We heard of their heroic acts of bravery as rescues were attempted in stormy seas, some of which ended in tragedy. The work of the volunteer crews continues to be outstanding and we honour their courage, as they continue to risk their lives to save others.

This year, Sunday 19th May, Pentecost marks the anniversary of the birth of the church, after Jesus’ death and resurrection nearly 2000 years ago. Following the arrest of Jesus, his trial and crucifixion, his followers had scattered in fear of their own lives, heartbroken at the loss of their Lord and Saviour. When Jesus reappeared amongst them, they were overjoyed, but they were still hiding behind locked doors.

Six weeks later they were gathered together in Jerusalem, when with a dramatic appearance of wind and fire, the disciples’ lives were transformed. Jesus had ascended into heaven, but they were inspired and emboldened by God’s Holy Spirit to spread the news of the world changing events, they had witnessed in the past few weeks. This was the ultimate rescue act. God showed his love for us, by sending his only Son into the world to die on the cross, so that we might be saved from our sins and have everlasting life. Christians celebrate Pentecost as the culmination of God’s purpose, through Jesus, to offer us new life, inspired by his Spirit.

I hope and pray that along with all the promising signs of spring flowers and new growth in our gardens and countryside, you will also embrace the new life which Jesus offers us through his life giving spirit.



An update on the search for a new Rector:

By the time you read this, we shall know whether anyone is going to be invited for interview. We are all praying that we shall be able to find the right person to fill this important role in our benefice of five parishes.