Prayers of intercession written by a member of our Benefice

Intercessions for Sunday 14th August 2022, the ninth Sunday after Trinity


Loving Father, we give you thanks and praise.

Friends in Christ, God invites us to hold the needs of our sisters and brothers as dear

to us as our own needs. Loving our neighbours as ourselves, we offer our

thanksgivings and our petitions.

Judge eternal, you love justice and hate oppression; you give peace to those who

seek it, and you condemn the rage of violence. Give us courage to take our stand

with all victims of bloodshed and greed, and, following your servants and prophets,

look to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

Lord God, friend of those in need, your Son Jesus has untied our burdens and healed

our spirits. We lift up the prayers of our hearts for those still burdened, those seeking

healing, those in need within the church and the world.

Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer

As we look out through our TV screens, newspapers and the internet, we witness

growing tensions in the Balkans, in Taiwan and the continuing war and violence in

the Ukraine impacting not only those who live there but also those who depend on

the harvest of that country which helps to feed the world. We witness flooding, wild

fires and extreme heat, including here in the UK. We witness many struggling with

the increases in the cost of living.

Lord, we ask for your calming hand on our turbulent world and comfort to all who


We were able to follow the recent Lambeth Conference attended by Bishops and

Archbishops from across the world and we pray too for the Worldwide Anglican


Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer

We pray for all who are suffering the pain and anxiety of division and separation,

whether through physical borders, political, ethnic or religious differences, or born of

stubborn pride. Lord, bring understanding and your healing peace.

We pray for our benefice and parishes and all those who live here, our local

community, our friends, our families and for ourselves as we strive to live out your


Bring blessed relief to those who are sick or housebound. Comfort and heal all those

who suffer in body, mind or spirit; give them courage and hope in their troubles; and

bring them the joy of your salvation.

Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer

We remember too those who grieve; grieving the loss of family members, loss of

friends, those taken before their lives have been lived out, those taken suddenly and

those taken after suffering. All now resting in the Lord’s peace.

In a moment of silence, we ask that you hear the prayers in our hearts as we bring to

you those known to us for your blessing and healing. Hear too the prayers for

ourselves as we give thanks for our joys, and ask for your strength and peace

knowing that you are with us in our worries, sorrows and repentances.

Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer

Hear our prayers, God of power, and through the ministry of your Son free us from

the grip of the tomb, that we may desire you as the fullness of life and proclaim your

saving deeds to all the world.

God of justice, your word is light and truth. Let your face shine on us to restore us,

that we may walk in your way, seeking justice and doing good.

Merciful Father, Accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our saviour, Jesus Christ Amen