Prayers of intercession written by a member of our Benefice

Intercessions for the Third Sunday of Epiphany, 23rd January 2022

 The prayers today are based on Psalm 100.

The “Jubilate Deo” which is part of the service of Morning prayer, which was said or sung by many of us in the years past.


“O be joyful in the Lord all ye Lands”

O God, in these, what we regard as, uncertain times of a pandemic, where there has been anxiety and worry for money, may we return to the Lord and see all the wonderful gifts that we have received in our families,friends and the stability in our lives that so many lack; in our homes and the pleasant surroundings where we live in the country of South Somerset, and all the beautiful natural world around us.


“Be sure that the Lord He is God”.

May we recognise that God is God.  The maker and preserver of all mankind, and    everything in this world.


“We are God's people and the sheep of his pasture.”

May we really know that we belong to God as a sheep belongs to the shepherd.


 “O go your way into his gates with thanksgiving.”

May we be thankful to God for all our relationships and all our lives, however difficult they may seem at the moment due to illness, disease and loss.


“And into his courts with praise.”

This all relates to going into the temple in Jerusalem.

May we praise and be joyful in our God.


“For the Lord is Gracious. His mercy is everlasting”.

He shows us his grace given freely to us forever.


“His truth endureth from Generation to Generation.”

His truth endures for ever.. 

God is there with us at our birth, throughout the whole of our lives, at our deaths and into eternity.  There is all this for which to be thankful!



“Be joyful in the Lord all ye Lands”

We pray this psalm together and ask you to:


Accept these prayers,

For the sake of your Son,

Our Saviour Jesus Christ.