Prayers of intercession written each week by a member of our Benefice

Intercessions for the Second Sunday of Advent, 5th December 2021

 Heavenly Father,

We focus our gaze on the Advent wreath as we look forward in hope and expectation to the celebration of Christmas and the miraculous birth of your son to a virgin in Nazareth.

The candle of Hope in the Advent wreath was lit at Advent services in churches a week ago representing our hope of the second coming of Christ. 

Today, the Candle of Peace is lit to represent your son, Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace.

As we come to you, we are turning away from the darkness and entering the light of your presence and your love.

Come Lord,

For our hope is in you

Mighty God and Saviour,

We pray for your Church throughout the world as it prepares to celebrate another Christmas. 

Help and strengthen Christians everywhere to open their lives to you and to bring the hope of the Christmas message to those who do not know Jesus.

Teach us all to welcome you afresh and increase our expectations of how close you can be.

This Christmas increase our wonder at how close you came in Jesus, sharing your very self with us in incarnation and calling us your friend.

Come Lord,

For our hope is in you


May the Church reflect your love for the world, so often broken and lost, and struggling at this time to fight the spread of Covid and threat of new variants; and we ask you to show your acceptance and forgiveness for all peoples.

We ask for your blessing on all who suffer from poverty or hunger, all who are caught up in war, or live in fear of terrorism and for those who are fleeing persecution in the countries where they have homes, family and livelihoods.

We remember with thankfulness those who shared their faith with us, showing us so much by their example, and ask that we, too, can become an example to others.

Lord bless our homes and our loved ones with the light of your presence.

Come Lord,

For our hope is in you


We ask your blessing on all who are ill at this time, for those struggling with little or no hope, for those who are depressed or alone and facing Christmas without the love and support of families and friends. We pray for our loved ones, our friends near and far, and our communities where the need for friendship and support has been highlighted over the last year or more.

Finally, we pray especially for all our loved ones, departed this life. 

May they rejoice in the fullness of life and in the glory of your presence.


Merciful Father,

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your Son,

Our Saviour Jesus Christ.